What Are YOU Afraid Of?

We brought you the case files of folks just like you, who suffered from debilitating phobias and fears. The a rotating selection of five patient files will live on this front page, while all files are accessible from the menu above if you hover over “What Are YOU Afraid Of?”. So, if you’ve missed any of the declassified postings, you can still go back and read the files; we want you to see what we have seen.

There’s something addicting about the relief that comes in the wake of fear — all that adrenaline gives way to dopamine and epinephrine — and suddenly the world feels a little warmer, even as the chills run down your spine.

And if you’re an addict of fear, then we’re you’re local dealers.

Everyone is afraid of something. Some people only fear the tangible, while others fear more existential problems — financial instability; abandonment; commitment — but what elevates a fear to a phobia is how rational that fear is. If you’ve been abandoned before, you may have legitimate concerns about abandonment and its effects. But if you’ve never been buried alive, why does your heart start to race at the very thought? What is it, really, about the number 666 that causes so many people distress?

While our researchers have invested more than half their lives into discovering the mechanisms that separate fear from phobia, our analysts have spent countless hours recovering sensitive data from the original civilian and military sources. Now, for the first time ever, The Skinner Foundation will expose the actual files, documents, and witness statements your governments and civilian forces have attempted to suppress.

This October, the truth will be known.


Weekly Progress Reports

Panel 3


Day 17

S̶̀e̡͟c̶̨ųŕ̶̶̸͘i̡̢̛͜͠t̨̧̛́͢ỳ̢͟͞ ̶̛͢b̡́͟͞r̵̀è̸̡͟͡a͢͞c̷̨̛̀͢h͝ ̵̢̀͟i̷͘n͏͟͡҉ ͠͞͠C̶̛a̢m̴̵̨͝e̸͠l͏̢ơ҉t̸̸̛͞

ErrOr eRRor erroR ErrOR ErrOr

transmission intercepted by Gawain Satellite

President Rëndherte, you have been very kind to allow us to continue the work that needs to be done so that the world may be prepared.

I want you to know that the package we sent is intended for this full purpose.

I hope you harbor no ill will toward us in the days to come.

V Gillian

Panel 4


Day 16

Email intercepted by Agent 37


From: Doctor Victor Gillian

To: Doctor Nina Flamel

Subject: Operation Lancelot


Your actions with the patients at [REDACTED] again show your fortitude toward our cause. As I’m sure you aware, President Rëndherte has ended our tenure with the Foundation.

However I do not believe that simply because we have been tossed aside that our work can come to an end.

There is still much to be done. And with your help we can accomplish what Camelot is afraid to do.

Free our fears.

-V Gillian


forwarding to ADMIN