Weekly Progress Report 10/01 – 10/07

It is entirely possible these recent events may be connected to what happened with Carmichael.

Weekly Progress Report #1


From: wilson_baker@█████.com

To: d.rendherte@███.com


ASSET SM046910C was returned to Site 316 to be monitored by medical staff, alongside Doctor Martinez. A review of the security tapes leads us to believe that several orderlies have gone against protocols to aide patients who need further care. We believe there was a breach in the system when ASSET SS810312 was able to repeatedly break free from treatment.

The Providence Experiment has proven successful in the case of ASSET WJ12180D and ASSET MJ220717, allowing access to Level 2.

Nurse Wattoch has been discharged after a nasty incident. Thanks to Agent 13’s tireless efforts, the side effects of the incident appear to be affecting others in the area. Agent 13 has insisted they remain out in the field to clear up other loose ends.

It is entirely possible these recent events may be connected to what happened with Carmichael. I understand that you talked with him last week, but I haven’t heard from him since. Doctor Gilliam needs to be monitored closely as well, given his last stint in Alaska.

Further analysis of this will be conducted in the weeks to come, and I have redirected all emergency contact information to our help center.

Best regards,

Doctor Wilson Baker


From: d.rendherte@███.com

To: wilson_baker@█████.com



Attached to this email you will find the resignation letter of Doctor Victor Gilliam and Doctor Grant Carmichael.

Given their sudden removal from the project we have decided to lockdown Sites 311, 316, 521 and 765. Sending Special Agents 5 and 12 to handle the procedures to prevent further incidents. Already we have lost key potential subjects that could prove vital to the Enlightenment.

The success we have gained only shows that we are on the right track. The way forward will be in the assets we still have under our treatment plan. Ensure that the continued dossiers are released to the public to help them see our transparency in our goals.

I only hope they recognize the good we are doing here, Baker.

Not for our sakes of course. I know where our path is leading us.

But for theirs.

That they may be ready.

Best regards,


Dylan Rëndherte

Chief Executive Officer and Stockholder of the Skinner Foundation


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