Weekly Progress Report 10/08 – 10/14

Weekly Progress Report #2


From: wilson_baker@█████.com

To: d.rendherte@███.com



Security breach in Excalibur Division has been confirmed. Subjects YA091811A, RS11620007 and FJ348291 all appear to have been in contact with former staff members with direct access to Project Gallahan.

Our agents in the field have managed to bring forward evidence that it would seem Doctor Carmichael and his team are making every effort to replicate the Twelve, so far without success. As you are aware, Subjects HM046910C, LSA6041778-W were compromised.

Was this action authorized by Camelot? Please let us act accordingly as soon as you can, as you know; time is running short.

Best regards,

Doctor Wilson Baker


From: d.rendherte@███.com

To: wilson_baker@█████.com



Doctor Carmichael, Gillian, and others have acted of their own accord, feeling that our initial experiments with Providence did not go far enough.

The Twelve were a great loss to the progress we had made toward the Enlightenment. As you know, it was under the suggestion of Doctor Weizman that we moved to attempt to enhance them even further. Some success has been made with a particular set of twins near Milwaukee, see the thirteenth attached image for further details.

That being said, I fully believe that there is a chance that the rash actions Excalibur have been taking could prove beneficial before needing to enact the Red Dragon Protocol.

Please monitor the situation, but inform your agents that no action will be taken against Excalibur or Avalon at this time.

Dylan Rendhërte

Chief Executive Officer and Stockholder of the Skinner Foundation